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    Why I knew Haiti was where God wanted me to “go“
    Pete Dalrymple, President


    Jesus chuckled jovially as he looked down and saw us all sitting there together in a small church in Haiti. That’s when I knew that this mission to build the new school was totally His plan not mine. I originally went to Haiti on my own accord, thinking it would be a great experience to see the culture and help out some less fortunate people. That has all changed though, since my first visit. As we worshiped one sultry Sunday morning under an old dilapidated canvas tent, I found myself very intrigued…I wondered, could these perplexing and so very different cultured people also have a relationship with my very same God? That was when I saw His face above us all, so filled with joy and love he was chuckling at my naiveté. Of course he loved them too… I could almost see the tears in his eyes, he was so glorified that we were there in Haiti and doing his work of bringing us—Haitians and Americans—all closer to him. This school is his proof of his undying love for us all…yes all of his people and further proof of what he has commissioned us all to do….particularly those of us who have already been blessed with so much in this life.  “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matt 28:19-20.


    I have loved every minute of being a part of this mission.
    Jessica Dalrymple, Treasurer


    As a child, people would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up. Without fail, I always responded with a confident “save the world!” The minute I was invited on a service trip to Haiti, I knew I had found my opportunity. I was told of a school in a small village called  Aquin with a few teachers and ninety students. After seeing photos of the unsafe school building, I immediately wanted to help the students gain access to better learning opportunities. I joined the mission team, attended board meetings almost weekly, and began fundraising every chance I got. After months of hard work and preparation, I visited the school in Haiti. The team stayed for two weeks. During that time, I was able to meet the students and small staff of the school while developing a deeper passion for the project. With the team’s organization and leadership, the new building was under construction by the time we left.


    Once back in America, the board of directors voted me in as Treasurer. I am the youngest board member by twenty years, and incredibly proud to hold the position. Since I was first added to the board, our school has grown to 204 students, four teachers, a principal, and a vice principal. New programs and studies are being developed. An all-girls soccer team was added to the school’s growing league. Best of all, our new, hurricane-safe, full-sized school building is in the process of being constructed.


    I have loved every minute of being a part of this mission. I have overcome challenges and been witness to incredible progress and development in a terribly impoverished area. Every day, I am humbled by the thought that I, a seventeen-year old girl from a small town in New Hampshire, could be a part of something with such a significant impact on an entire people group. On my second trip to Haiti, hundreds of people approached me with gratitude for my work that has benefited them.


    I fell completely head over heals in love with 200 children and their families.
    Henry Demers, Team Development Officer


    I went on a Mission trip to Mexico almost 20 years ago. It was a great experience for me to see such poverty. I witnessed people living in the dump. It broke my heart and I cried a lot and it did help me to appreciate the blessing of living in such a rich Nation. We traveled quickly from village to village preaching, passing out clothes and food etc. It was a wonderful experience; however, I did not get to know any Mexicans personally. My two trips to Haiti in 2013 were quite opposite because I stayed in the same village everyday getting to know the people that live there. I fell completely head over heals in love with 200 children and their families. While there I felt a great sense that “this is one of the main reasons I was born” to bring hope to an otherwise hopeless village. Everyone thinks that they are going on a mission trip to give but we often realize when we get there that we are receiving so much more than we could give. One young boy held my hand for an hour and wouldn’t let go, rubbing my arm with such healing compassion. My wife, daughters and I have felt the pain of two pregnancies that didn’t make it to full term. For one of the pregnancies we had the nursery all set up and Connie still had to give birth. The one she gave birth to was a girl, the other we don’t know but I felt like it was a boy. God used this boy to minister to that hurt in my life. I can’t even explain it really. He just ministered to me, and rubbed that pain away somehow. My heart aches to see them all again. You get to the point you go for yourself because they are in your heart and are family. I ask myself ‘what wouldn’t I do for them”.



    Pastor Morel Georges



    Elisabeth Mondesir

    Field & Medical Liaison, Co-Treasurer


    Kevin Jurovaty

    Team Chaplin


    Mary Chevalier

    Board Member




    Pete Dalrymple



    Cathy Boutin



    Jessica Dalrymple



    Nick Haas

    Board Member


Jesus is the Way Mission for Haiti
is a non-profit organization that has a heart and a calling to serve the country of Haiti. We have a school in the southern village of Labatte in the greater province of La Colline, D'Aquin. Our mission is dedicated to building an environmentally-safe, new school that will offer the children a much-needed education in a safe and loving environment. Beyond the school, our mission is dedicated to serving the people of Haiti in deeper ways. Our multi-phase project in this village will ultimately culminate into a self-sustained, self-funded small community including a school, church, mission house, and community store, powered by wind and solar power. The school has been in operation for over four years and is presently funded mostly by US donors, but will eventually be self-sufficient through profits from the community store as well as services performed by the parents and students of the school.



To empower the people of Haiti with the tools needed to make a lasting difference in their communities—through education, job creation and spiritual outreach.


 - Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime -


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