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finds itself in a dire situation after being subjected to multiple hurricanes, the devastating earthquake of 2010 and an ongoing political crisis. It currently ranks as the poorest country in the Americas, and 3rd poorest in the world. With an illiteracy rate of 52.5% coupled with over 200,000 children unable to afford school, it goes without saying that they need help, and the time to act is now. Jesus is the Way Mission is a non-profit organization that has a heart and a calling to serve the country of Haiti. We have a school in the village of Labatte in La Colline, D'Aquin—a small rural village about 150km southwest of Port au Prince. We believe in the power of education, and the mindset that making a difference starts with empowering change at the local level. From a mustard seed sprouts the tallest tree. We are seeing that seed flourish, as we move into the second phase of a four-phase process of building an environmentally-safe school and educating 100s of children who would otherwise go without. To advance, we need your help. Will you help us?



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